Ways to show your child love: Valentine’s Day and Every Day through their Love Language

We always try our best to make our tiny ones feel loved and adored. And sometimes it’s hard to express the kinda love they’d understand. So, this Valentine’s, we got you five love languages developed by Gary Chapman. Because different kids crave different kinds of attention and affection and this will help you figure out which means the most to your little valentine and feel your love every day. 

  • Speak it out!
  • If your child brightens when you compliment them or rushes to you while you're doing something to say "mommy/papa I love you," this indicates that they thrive on Words of Affirmation. So, little notes in lunch boxes, a greeting card, talking to them about their day, working on a fun project together, and never losing an opportunity to tell them “I love you” (like Valentine’s day) will make them feel happy and loved. 

  • Gestures & Surprises
  • If your kids love to depend on you and always seek your help in doing simple tasks, their love language is Acts of Service and they appreciate every little to big gesture and surprise. You can simply surprise them by cooking or ordering their favorite dish. Scheduling a surprise playdate with their BFF, or simply taking them out for an impromptu long drive and getting their favourite flavour of ice cream. 

  • Presents, please!
  • Do your tiny ones rush to you when you are back from grocery shopping and just open up the bag to see if there’s anything for them? If yes, then their love language is Receiving Gifts. They appreciate it when someone notices their likes and dislikes and pampers them with presents. They may not always be expensive but anything from lovely flowers, their favourite candy, or a toy they always wanted will do just the trick. 

  • Be part of their drama!
  • You just returned from work and your kid is waiting for you and greets you with the cutest smile, or just gets excited every time they see you after just a couple of hours at the daycare, then your little one is all about Quality Time. So, make sure you are always a part of everything that’s important to them. Take a little time & plan dinner dates, weekend parties, cook together, or just a movie night. You can also just have a creative weekend and get crafty together with some cool and fun DIYs

  • Cuddles & Snuggles
  • If your minis wake up early and are all up for some cuddles or would love it when you are with them while they fall asleep, or a good night kiss is a routine, then Physical Touch is their love language. Snuggle up in pyjamas on the couch, make your kid sit on your lap, hug them when they are back from daycare or school, get sparkly with a spa day, and some loud kisses will make sure they understand your love! 

    Though these love languages are universal, they tend to change as the kids grow. Your 5-year-old may love all the praises and little notes now but when he/she is 8, all they may need is some quality time! Just as parenting is never-ending, so does always keeping up with ways to express your love. And by demonstrating it yourself, you are also teaching your child kindness and compassion. So, stay on top of your child's reactions and behaviours to indicate the type of love they seek at any particular time, and you'll undoubtedly continue to connect and reconnect as they grow.

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