Pajama Party Ideas with your Family for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the most fun time of the year. The cozy winter, never-ending nights, bright lights, and kids being at home will make you wanna just make the most of it or plan an amazing trip with your family yet may not find time ‘cause, well, there’s no such thing as lying back and chilling for parents! So those of you who are held up with a pile of work and are yearning for some quality time with your loved ones, all you need is a weekend and cute pyjamas!

There are many ways to have a smashing pajama party! You can go beyond and above with the themes (princess theme, Christmas theme, candy party, space theme, or anything that your kids love). But if you are looking for old-school or classic pyjama party ideas, keep reading!

  • Bath bombs & bubbles!

The 1st step to starting any pajama party is of course to change into the comfiest pyjamas. Before that, you can plan a fun bath time for your kids! Make some DIY bath bombs and play with bubbles and officially kickstart the weekend of fun!

  • Set the tents!

Any kid or adult would love a tent to snuggle in at a pyjama party. Add more blankets and pillows to create a whole mellow warm vibe where you can do it all. From playing board games to spilling spaghetti, every mark will be a great memory! Also, you can set up many tents and divide the family into teams or kingdoms and have fun games and activities planned around the setup like pillow fights, or games like Pictionary.

  • Family board games

If tents aren’t your thing, board games are what you need. You don’t have to think much about these. It could be any board game from UNO to Ticket to ride or simply caroms! And if you are a big family, it’s always fun to split up and compete.

  • Do karaoke or just dance

Melodious or not, singing is always fun. Create a playlist and groove with your family. You can maybe have a rhymes karaoke if that’s what all your toddler knows! And if movin’ it is your thing, well dance the night away.

  • Cook together or order your fave meal

It may seem a little scary to cook with kids, especially toddlers, but cooking easy recipes like pizza or pasta or even a small dessert will not just make a beautiful mess but also a sweet memory (cute Insta pictures will be a bonus). Don’t think much about what can be easy to make, instead, click here for some easy recipes you can cook together.
Anyway, if all you want to do is relax and play, you can always order in. (PS- pizza is the pyjama party staple).

  • Pop some corn and play your fave movie.

Pyjama parties are incomplete without popcorn and a movie. After all the fun and games, cuddle up with your kids and have a movie night with different-flavoured popcorn and hot cocoa.

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