Unplug fun with Totdot’s Screen-Free Arts & Crafts

In a world where screens seem to dominate every aspect of our lives, finding ways to unplug and engage in hands-on activities has never been more important. Don’t fret as we've curated a selection of arts and crafts products that offer a screen-free solution to keeping your kids entertained and creatively fulfilled. From painting and stamping to puzzling and building, there's something for every little artist and explorer

So roll up your sleeves, grab your supplies, and let's get crafting!

  • Get Artsy with Painting Kits
  • Let your child's imagination run wild with Totdot’s selection of painting kits for kids! From painting villages to space rockets, these kits provide everything your little artist needs to create their own masterpieces. Whether they're painting fun characters, flowers, or abstract designs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to painting fun!

  • Let Imagination Run Wild with Craft Boxes
  • Totdot’s craft boxes for kids are the ultimate solution for busy parents and creative kids alike! Packed with everything from stickers and stencils, these kits offer endless possibilities for imaginative play and artistic expression. Whether your child loves to create a circus, dive with aquatic creatures, or explore a bug’s life, our craft boxes have everything they need to let their creativity shine.

  • Stamp, Create, Repeat with Creative Art Stamps
  • Stamping fun awaits with Totdot’s collection of creative art stamps for kids! From animals to shapes, these stamps add a pop of personality to any arts and crafts project. Whether your child is decorating cards, scrapbooking, or just doodling for fun, our art stamps are sure to inspire creativity and spark their imagination.

  • Piece Together the Fun with Puzzles
  • Get ready to puzzle it out with Totdot’s selection of kid-friendly puzzles! From fun puzzles to brain teasers, these games are not only fun but also great for developing problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. Whether your child prefers animals, vehicles, or fantasy scenes, our puzzles offer hours of screen-free entertainment for kids of all ages.

  • Where Tales Meet Crafts with Art & Play Combo Books
  • Combine the magic of storytelling with the creativity of arts and crafts with Totdot’s art & play combo books for kids! Each book features a fun and engaging story along with accompanying craft activities that bring the tale to life as they offer endless opportunities for imaginative play and artistic expression.

  • Backyard Adventures with Wooden Playhouse Sets 
  • Turn your backyard into a playground with our wooden playhouse sets! Perfect for outdoor adventures, these sets feature everything from slides and swings to climbing walls. Whether your child is playing house, hosting tea parties, or going on imaginary adventures, our playhouse sets provide hours of screen-free fun in the great outdoors.

    So there you have it, creative parents – a screen-free solution to keeping your kids entertained and engaged this summer vacation! With our collection of arts and crafts products, the possibilities for creative play are endless. So why not give it a try? Let's trade screen time for some hands-on fun and let our kids' imaginations run wild!

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