Top Fun Family Destinations in India for Memorable Trips with Kids

Kids and trips don’t go together for many reasons, and it is even harder to find destinations for family vacations that cater to each family member. And surfing through millions of websites to find it altogether would be a task especially if you are a working parent, however, we’ve made it easy for you and curated a list of a few of the best family vacation spots in India. 

  • Jaipur
  • Jaipur is all sorts of beautiful and its elegance is hard to pen down. The ancient palaces, alluring nature, and the ethnicity at every corner captivate people from all over the world. And the best part is that with all of the grandeur, it is also a fun family destination and you will find many things to do in Jaipur for both you and your kids. 

    Choki Dhani is one such place,  it is set up like a village fair where your kids get to do everything fun from boat rides to savouring Rajasthani cuisine. They can also enjoy other activities like magic shows, puppetry shows, fortune telling, etc. 

    Other things they can do in Jaipur explore the history and culture, take elephant and camel rides, visit Jaipur zoo, Elephantastic, fun places to play (like Fun Kingdom, Fun Factory Kids Play Zone, etc), and Jantar Mantar. 

    Image via - @chokidhaniresortjaipur Instagram

  • Munnar
  • Munnar is a quaint family destination with no hustle and bustle of the city. Fresh air, aromatic spice plantations, and lofty mountains will instantly bring you peace and quiet. But kids need more than just tranquillity, and Munnar offers the exact fun stuff they need while you can enjoy its serenity. 

    You can take them to the Tea Museum where they can observe the whole process of tea making. From extracting to packing! And don’t miss out on Elephant Bath ‘cause, who doesn’t like to sit on an elephant and bathe through its trunk? 

    Trekking, boating, visiting waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park, Blossom International Park, bamboo rafting, and elephant safari are the other things your kid can do in Munnar.

    Photo credit: dalbera

  • Gulmarg
  • This charming town in Jammu & Kashmir is the perfect getaway for your family. It offers everything you wish and more. This ski destination rejuvenates you inside out and while you do that, kids can experience bits of the Narnia world (of course, except the snow queen) through snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes, and dusted pine trees!  

    For a bird’s view of the magical land, don’t miss trying out Gulmarg Gondola, the second-highest and longest cable car in the world. And don’t miss out on skiing and the Shikara ride, because Gulmarg is known for them.  Also while you are at it,  do make snowman & angel wing impressions, do a little snowboarding, have fun snow fights, and race down the mountain sled. 

    Photo by Ankit Girwal &

  • Jaisalmer
  •  The Golden City of India has more to offer than just “golden hour” kinda pictures. While it is known for the Jaisalmer fort and yellow sandstone architecture, it also has a variety of activities for kids that keep them from getting bored. 

    Overnight Desert Safari will keep them occupied and thrilled as they get to take a tour of the magnificent desert on a camel’s back! And to make things more interesting you can also camp under the stars and enjoy the traditional dance, music & food along with an amazing sunset. If you are still up for some more fun, you can visit Desert National Park, and Jaisalmer War Museum, or explore forts, and other heritage sites. 

    Photo credit: Ninara 

  • Darjeeling
  •  Nestled amidst the black tea plantations, Darjeeling is an alluring hill station that is not just for honeymooners but also a great family destination in India. Taking a break from everyday chaos is what any family yearns for, and this land of breathtaking beauty is perfect for one such family. 

    To experience its beauty while having fun, hop on to Darjeeling Toy Train which runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. And for some cute pictures and chaos-free family time, visit the Tea Gardens. You can just stroll around it, go for a picnic, or can just play hide & seek. Image via: plb06 

    Visiting monasteries, trekking to Tiger Hill, and Zoological Park Darjeeling are a few of the many things to do in Darjeeling. 

  • Lonavala
  • The lush green valleys, glistening lakes, and fascinating caves pretty much sum up Lonavala. There is beauty at every turn and just spending your weekend in a resort with your family and overlooking its astounding nature is an exciting experience in itself. However, it does have one or two things for your kids to make their hill station vacay even better.

    A bird's eye view and the air safari of such an enchanting place through the Hot Air Balloon is a must-do when you are on a family vacation in Lonavala. There are also a few adventure parks in Lonavala for both kids & adults alike Della Adventure Park. And if you are still up for some more adventure, you can camp, trek, and ride bicycles as well. Image via Manoj Gopanapalli

  • Andamans
  • This exotic island is yet another amazing family destination spot. It is all about azure colour water ocean, golden shores, enchanting corals, and much more. You can click those Pinterest-kinda aesthetic travel pictures with your family while enjoying everything Andamans has to offer. 

    Andamans is known for snorkeling and scuba diving, but not everyone, or at least every kid may want to just dive into the ocean, and for those, there are Glassbottom boat rides and Semisubmarine available through which you can witness the aqua life from a safer spot. One more cool thing your kids can enjoy on these islands is the

    Mud Volcanoes on Baratang Island. It is literally mud erupting from the soil. And of course, there are many other watersports activities to do and many beaches to explore. On Andamans, you will never have a dull moment. 

    Images via: Badeeu Zaman, Birds of Passage, @experienceandamans

  • Kabini
  • If your kid is a wildlife lover, Kabini would be their haven. A dense forest, with a mystical river, and wild animals! Doesn’t it sound as if it's right out of Mogli? So, yes, here at Kabini, not just your kids but you also can fulfill your childhood dreams of living wild. 

    Everything you do at Kabini will excite your kids, but don’t miss visiting Nagarhole Tiger Reserve where you can do a plethora of activities such as witnessing Black Panthers to taking boat rides! The best way to spend your time with the kids in Kabini is to stay at wildlife resorts like Evolve Back Resort to have a holistic experience of the place. The other things to do in Kabini are elephant safari, bird watching, and a boat ride at Kabini River. 

    Images via @kousthu_inthegram, @wildkarnataka

  • Dharamshala
  • This best rejuvenating family destination is snuggled between the cedar forest on the edge of the Himalayas. A mellow mix of spirituality and serenity makes it the ideal one to visit when you and your kid need to getaway from all sorts of stress. 

    You can get indulged in a few rejuvenating activities that this quaint city has to offer, and one such is pottery at Dharamkot Studio. Creating something from the scratch and adding that personal touch is not just therapeutic but also extremely fun. You can visit a few temples, or can just go for a stroll, or explore the culture. Anything you do at Dharamshala will offer a whole new experience. 

    Photo by Balraj sharma, Gustavo Fring

     Stay tuned for more such fun vacay spots. We’re not done yet!

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