Bedtime battles with kids and how to prevent them!

Boogieman and scary monsters under the bed aren’t the only reasons for a child to resist sleep. You might need to dive a little deeper than that to find out the real devils that keep your tiny humans up. While the best way to figure it out is to patiently communicate with them, but, we understand that it isn’t as easy as it is often suggested and a few can’t be communicated. So, here we are with a few common reasons for bedtime battles and ways you can win them. 


  • Not exhausted/ weary
  • Their nap time during the day keeps changing and reducing as they grow up. No sufficient gap between nap time and bedtime makes them reluctant to sleep at night. Also, a lack of physical activities can make them stay active at odd hours. And not sleeping sufficiently will release cortisol, the stress hormone, leading the baby or toddler to be hyperactive during bedtime. It also wakes them up in the middle of their sleep causing irritability.

  • Wants to spend time with you
  • Typically all kids would love to flaunt their mini adventures to their favourite person in the whole world and to do so, they can get reluctant to sleep and get extremely chatty when they are supposed to be sleeping.

  • Missing their favourite  parent/ In a new environment
  • Kids have no filters and let’s be honest, they are biased. If their ideal bedtime routine is mama & me or papa & me time and sudden shift to that routine can be hard for them to adjust. Also, being in a new place or a new bed will also make them resistant and reluctant to sleep. 


  • FOMO
  • Another significant reason for kids to resist sleep even after a long tiring day is because they don’t want to miss out on the things other family members do. They may want to watch TV together or just be a part of some discussion. 

  • Can’t sleep alone
  • A lot of kids aged between 8-12 are scared to sleep alone as they have always been with either parent, grandparents, or siblings. But when a time comes to need them to sleep alone, they find it uncomfortable, and daunting to sleep alone. 

  • Of course the boogiemen!
  • Ruling out their fears whether it is a monster inside the closet or a character from a scary movie or a person in their life, will scare and scar them. Anything that scares your child is never too silly to ignore. 

    All the reasons listed may seem simple yet don’t suffice the fierceness you face on the battlefield but aren’t all parents superheroes? So, fret not, the below ways will help you win the bedtime battles.

  • Observe their daily schedule
  • As children age, their sleep patterns alter and they tend to sleep longer at night. Therefore, you must ensure that kids follow consistent daily routines and nap schedules appropriate to their age.

  • Set out a little time for them
  • With already so much on your plate, it may seem quite hard to balance a few times, but, spending some time with your kid would make the whole difference for them. You are their role model and they would appreciate your insights into their playful projects as much as your team does. So, make sure they know that you do acknowledge their wildest dreams and silly talks. 

  • Cozy and comfy
  • Now, who doesn’t like being all cozied up in comfy pyjamas and mattresses? We do, and so do they! Tucking the kids under their favourite blankets and wearing comfy pyjamas will not just make them look awfully cute but also keep them warm. Soft lights and having a bath before bed will help to soothe their mind and can also make them instantly fall asleep

  • Limited and controlled screen time
  • Although the younger generation may struggle to put down their gadgets to eat or do anything else, monitoring their screen time pushes them to engage in physical activity and also protects their eyes. Control what your kids watch, and make sure it's all age-appropriate and free of any disturbing images or other information that can keep them up at night.

  • Motivate them
  • Creating a behaviour chart and starring/rewarding them with something small every time they are on schedule with their timetable, are at best behaviour or have slept on time can motivate them to do things better. Rewards can not always be ice creams and toys, it can be an extra 5 minutes of playtime, and if all the stars on the chart are filled, they get to choose the place on the next outing. 

  • Human touch, storytime, and a lullaby!
  • Either a parent or a grandparent or any other family member they feel safe with can spend a little time till they fall asleep which helps them sleep better without any nightmares or fears and deal with their FOMO. Also, don’t shy away from singing lullabies. It’s been the proven and most efficient way to help a kid sleep without a peep since ancient times. 

  • Talk about their fears and solve them!
  • No matter how silly you find it to be, talk about it. Help them with whatever they are dealing with. Could be an imaginative monster, a person who made them uncomfortable, an assignment they are anxious about, or are simply scared of sleeping alone. Make sure they know that they are not alone. Constantly communicating and helping them face their fears can get rid of any sort of stress and anxiety that keeps them awake. 

    We know parenting can be overwhelming, especially when the ones who want to go to bed have to put those that don't want to go to bed. But, don’t give up yet because not all superheroes come with a cape, some come with droopy eyes too!

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