Jet-setting with kids: How to survive a flight with Toddlers and Young Children

We all love to travel with our family & explore the unknowns with our tiny ones but vacationing with kids is not as easy. With a lot of tantrums, getting sick and whining the whole flight ride can make it all the more of a hassle & irritating. But with a little planning and the right spirit, you can make the journey much more pleasant for both you and your kids. And the first step to do is to definitely take advantage of early boarding to avoid all the hustle and bustle. 

And with a few more tips given below, you can experience an easy and smooth flight journey with your toddlers and young kids.

  • Excite & prepare them for the journey
  • Get your toddlers & young kids their own cute bag and involve them in the whole process of the journey. Pack their own set of books, games,  favorite blankets or toys, and pillows for the ride in their travel kit. Also, talk to them about how their ears will have to be covered and seat belts have to be fastened while taking off and getting down. Just let your kids know everything from baggage check-in and ticketing to onboard etiquette and safety. They will be excited throughout and can skip the tantrum drama. 

  • Book your seats wisely
  • Toddlers may be at risk in aisle seats. Little hands are dangerously close to hot coffee or water as the food and beverage cart passes by, so book the seats accordingly. And also make sure you select proper food options for your kids while booking. 

  • Get on board, get settled, and get started (with fun stuff)
  • Once you are all settled and the flight took off, make your child indulge in the fun games you packed. Play a movie or series they like. You can also have a fun quality time with your tots while bringing your “A” game to manage your kids on a long-haul flight. And don’t worry if you have not packed anything to keep your kids entertained & busy, you can always play and kids-friendly movies and use other resources that are available on long-haul flights. 

  • Take some deep breaths & breaks
  • If you are traveling with your partner, you can take turns and take care of the kids. But if you are traveling alone, you can always take help from people around you. We understand that it is stressful but talking to the air hostess beforehand and using all the resources available at your footstep will make it a little less exhausting. 

  • Reward them for their good behavior
  • Well, rewards always work for kids. It can be an extra candy or a new toy when you land down or let them pick the next activity or spot to visit. Make sure you appreciate your child’s good behavior on the flight so that they continue it on the next one. 

  • Dress them accordingly & pack extra
  • Make sure they are in the most comfortable attire to avoid the first stop of crankiness. Cotton wear, clothes with buttons, zippers, & layering with jackets as it gets cold during the journey. Also, avoid shoes with laces. Make sure everything is easy to remove or change. And never forget to pack extra clothes, diapers, and wipes, because with kids you always have to be prepared for the unexpected!

    Even with these tips, it may still seem like a lot of pressure but remember to stay patient, be kind to everyone around you, especially yourself, and make use of all available resources to make your long-haul flight journey as smooth as possible.

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